In 2 years, Indians have spent Rs 74,000 crore on Covid testing through suspicious labs: NGO

In the last two years of the corona virus outbreak, Indians have spent Rs 74,000 crore on 74 crore

Covid-19 tests from suspected private pathological laboratories.

The Nagpur-based consumer rights NGO claims that Indians have undergone various CWIT-19 tests such as RTPCR, RAT, TrueNAT, CBNAAT and (currently) 1,844 private and 1,411 government-run 3,255 testing laboratories.

Of these 3,255, only 2,141 (764 government and 1,377 private) laboratories are in high demand,

It conducts mandatory and globally accepted RTPCR tests for most purposes.

The remaining 1,114 (647 government +467) labs offer other tests. .