Increased COVID-19 cases at the Beijing Winter Olympics are no cause for concern: organizers

Organizers say the COVID-19 cases inside Beijing’s Winter Olympics bubble hit a second high since arrivals began on February 4

The number of pre-one-day cases among Olympic-related individuals reached 21,while the number of bubble cases

It involves the participation of sportspersons reached 19, compared to the previous seven a day.

February 2 was 26 and the maximum daily number was 55

The ring allows athletes, officials and the media to travel between all Olympic venues,

Including their shelter and media center, but only on official transportation.

They are then tested at Beijing airport before undergoing a rigorous daily testing routine for the duration of their stay in China.

“Even though the general number is increasing it is within our expectation,” Huang said. “We think the number will start to decrease.”

So far 2,877 athletes have landed in Beijing with about 2,900 expected in total. Other arrivals include team support staff as well as sports and competition officials and media.

A total of 353 Games participants have tested positive in Beijing since Jan. 23 both at the airport and in the loop.

Dozens of athletes have tested positive, with many still in isolation and the Games officially under way since Friday.