Infra projects ap. After 1 PM GatiSakti is expected to go through NPG

The implementation framework for the Prime Minister’s National Master Plan

It is rapidly taking its final shape and after April 1 this year,

The Network Planning Commission (NPG) set up under the initiative, a senior government official said.

With a view to solving the problems of multi-model and last-mile connections.

This will help reduce the cost of logistics, said Anurag Jain, secretary, Department of Industry and Internal Trade Development (DPIIT).

“Things are ready”.

This process, he said, will help make the project more efficient and effective.

The NPG heads the Network Planning Division of the respective Ministry of Infrastructure and assists the EGOS headed by the Cabinet Secretary. EGOS has the Secretaries of 18 Ministries as members and the Head Member Coordinator of the Logistics Division under DPIIT.

NPG projects will be approved as all infrastructure projects must come here.

“Departments, instead of preparing DPRs (detailed project reports) directly, will approach NPG at the planning stage,” he said, adding that after its approval, the project would follow the usual procedure of approval by the Finance Ministry. On projects.