Rejecting ‘Z’ protection, Azaduddin Owaisi asked the government to file a case under the UAPA.

AIMIM member Azad Owaisi on Friday rejected the ‘Z’ protection provided to him by the government in the wake of the attack.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Owaisi stressed that those who attacked him should be charged under the strict provisions of the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act

And put an end to terrorism in the country.

“I do not want Z-section security. I want to be an A-section citizen on par with all of you. Why was the UAPA not implemented against those who shot at me?

I want to live, I want to speak up.

Life is safe when the poor are safe, for those who shoot at my car.

I will not be afraid, “he told parliament.

On Thursday, in Hapur in western Uttar Pradesh, Owaisi’s vehicle;

Which was returning to Delhi after the assembly election campaign, came under fire.