Sony sold just 3.9 million PS5 consoles in the 2021 festive quarter

Technology giant Sony on Wednesday said it had shipped just 3.9 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the 2021 festive quarter.

According to The Verge, this is slightly higher than 3.3 million in the previous quarter, which proves that the electronics company is still struggling to meet demand during the current global supply chain crisis.

Gaming segment revenue (YoY) fell 8 percent year-on-year to 813.3 billion yen ($ 7.09 billion)

While operating profit rose 12.1 percent to 92.9 billion yen ($ 810 million).

Sony’s flagship image sensor segment had a good quarter;

growing 22 percent year-over-year to $ 57.8 billion ($ 504 million).

Operating profit rose 26 percent to 13.3 billion yen ($ 116 million), although Sony says it weakened to 12 billion yen.